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Atlanta Law Offices of W. Steed Scott

At the Midtown Atlanta law offices of W. Steed Scott our legal practice is based on applying over forty years of legal experience and sound judicial fundamentals that stress immediate attention to your matter and a timely resolution.  We want to offer you an honest assessment of your options as we guide you through an often confusing and stressful legal system.  If you have been arrested or injured by another person, you will receive our full attention and the benefit of thirty years of successful practice.  Our attorneys are experienced in criminal defense, personal injury, corporate, divorce and family law, and wills and trusts.  Our attorneys are ready to serve you and guide you to a successful solution.

A DUI Arrest Requires Immediate Action to Save Your License

Once arrested and charged for DUI in Georgia, you must request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing within ten (10) days in order to save your driving privileges. Your Atlanta DUI Lawyer must file, with the Georgia Department of Driver Services, your hearing request or your driver’s license may be suspended for up to twelve months. Out of state drivers can lose their right to drive in Georgia. If that occurs your home state may also suspend your license if the law allows it. If you want to save your driver’s license you must take immediate action.
The State of Georgia charges you $150 to request this hearing to protect your driving privileges.  Call now to speak to Steed Scott, one of the Best DUI Attorneys Atlanta has to offer. With over 35 years practicing law in Georgia, Steed Scott has the credentials to handle your case.

Personal Injury Cases Require Expert and Experienced Legal Representation

When you are injured or your property is damaged because of someone else’s acts, or failing to act, you may be awarded compensation. In Georgia, the statute of limitations to file a claim is two (2) years.

In addition to time constraints, there are numerous factors to consider: jurisdiction, pretrial procedures, damages, discovery (gathering the facts), cost, the trial itself, post-trial motions, and appeals. Even if you wanted to proceed on your own, there is no way for you to navigate through all of these obstacles – you need an experienced personal injury lawyer like Steed Scott. He has successfully handled thousand of cases in Georgia courtrooms.

Criminal Defense Cases Call for A Methodical Approach and Bulldog Tenacity

The last thing you want is a celebrity lawyer. Making TV commercials, posing for your MARTA bus wrap, and all of those other marketing tasks takes time and focus away from your case. And that means you end up working with a junior lawyer that has much less experience. Your future is at stake and you want an lawyer that is going to focus his time, attention, and energy on your case.

Once an attorney grabs your case, you want one that won’t let go until they have done everything legally, ethically, and morally possible to get the outcome you desired. Not guilty. If you are found guilty, you want an advocate to get the most favorable terms for any sentence or probation you may receive. Steed Scott approaches every case with this mindset.